How to get pregnant with a boy

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Published: 20th December 2010
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There are many methods on how to get pregnant with a boy. The following article is a collation of the most common suggestions from experts. Though the suggestions are easy, they call for careful planning, patience, and perserverance. These tips are simply variations of the most popular ways that increase the chances of conceiving. However, the variations discussed here will help you learn how to conceive a boy.

Plan the actual Time of Conception

Scheduling the time of conception to occur towards the end of ovulation is possibly the most well-known suggestion on the best way to get pregnant with a boy. For individuals who do not understand why, the notion seems far-fetched. A closer look at the reason behind this explains why this suggestion is truly helpful. The gender of a baby is determined by the sex chromosome of the sperm that fertilizes the egg, Y chromosome for girls and X chromosome for boys. Sperm cells with the X chromosome are typically slow, but are able to thrive far longer than Y chromosome-bearing cells. In contrast, sperm cells with the Y chromosome are really fast, but tend to be far more vulnerable and thus, die far more easily. To make a lengthy story short, intercourse throughout the early component of conception will only tire out the boys and these will die off waiting for the egg. It will be far better to schedule intercourse on the day of ovulation or at the most, a day afterwards. You'll find various ways by which you'll be able to establish your ovulation cycle; uncover one which will work best for you.

Manner of Intercourse

Keeping in mind that sperm cells with the x chromosome are relatively more vulnerable, sexual positions that allow deep penetration protects the sperm cells and allow these sperm cells to make a safe journey towards the egg cell.

Alkalinization of the Body

As pointed out earlier, sperm cells bearing X chromosomes are very vulnerable. Another factor that shortens the survival of the sperm cells is the acidity of the vagina. Most suggestions on how to get pregnant with a baby boy involve making your body naturally alkaline using various ways such as eating an alkalizing diet and douching with solutions that can lower acidity.

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